An Complete Knife Experience

I got the Vapor III from woot well over a year ago and it has help up nicely. Easy to open and close and pretty sturdy and a little hefty. Easy to sharpen too. I’d buy another but I cant justify it when the first one is in great shape still.

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I picked one up a few years ago as well. I loved that knife, but ended up losing it in a Romanian airport. I might have to grab a new one from this sale. Although those assisted opens are looking nice, too.

I love mine and would buy another if it wasn’t twice the price now.

Kershaw Vapor III Folding Knife
Sold by Woot
Condition:NewBlade:Straight EdgeQuantity: 1 @ $9.99 $29.99 67% off list price

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I would like an knife, but I just don’t have an reason to actually buy one. I carry an Leatherman on me all day that is sufficient for me. I’m sure they are great knives for that moment when you might need an knife.

I just got the Boker Bulldog in the most recent sale that ended a couple days ago: it is a nice knife, feels good in the hand. The sheath is okay, and it comes with a tek-lok clip that seems to only mount in awkward positions. But a good knife for the price.

Unfortunately, two of the three Boker’s I received last week from Woot were open box items: the silver boker seal was broken, and the knives were clearly not in new condition. After several emails, I finally got an RMA and refund in progress. YMMV.

I got the Vapor III partially serrated here a couple years ago (paid 9.99 for it). It’s held up quite nice. It was getting a little stiff to open recently so I took the knife apart, cleaned out the hinge and put a little grease on it and the thing flips open so easily. almost seems easier than the day i got it. I haven’t sharpened it, but its still got a nice edge.

I also got the Vapor III Partially Serrated knife about 2 1/2 years ago and really like it. It seems to open easily enough, but I think I want to disassemble it as well and grease the hinge. The edge is also still good on mine. I ordered the Boker Anti-Grav ceramic, it should be arriving Friday. The Vapor seems a bit heavy for EDC in dress clothes.

Unfortunately this happens a lot at many online retailers. I’ve had it happen many times on Amazon as well. It’s not just Bokers. Knives of all brands get returned and turned around and resold by retailers. Its just that its immediately noticeable because of the silver seal. Most boxed knives aren’t sealed at all.

The Kizer ki403A1 I bought from BladeHQ is exactly the one pictured on the site. I know this because the titanium anodization pattern on the knife is literally exactly the same as the picture one on the site. Titanium anodization is different from knife to knife. That said tho, it came in new condition, so I kept it.

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Inflation? :slight_smile:

A lot (most) of this morning’s Kershaw knives can be found without a lot of legwork on Amazon for less $$. Exceptions are Cyro2, Injection and Clash. (I didn’t look up the Starter) YMMV. Moral of the story is… no longer assume it is a good deal just because it’s a Woot.

If you are going to place an order this AM and have not yet checked out the CRKT Shenanigan in Aluminum handles in the Sport area, do so. Real nice knife, good price. They go away at 9:00 AM or till sold out.

My knife collection is full…
These are great knives, and if you don’t mind spending around forty bucks, you’ll get a nice US made knife!
There are lots of ‘every day carry’ knives here!

Just FYI, only the Blur and Shallot are USA made.

Geez, kershaw starter is over 6 ounces.

I own the serrated version of the Shallot and the Vapor III. There is a significant difference in the build quality, feel, and action of the US made (Shallot) and Chinese made (Vapor III) blades.

I love my Shallot. It has kept a smooth action and a sharp edge for years now. And the finish has held up to some pretty good use.

The Vapor III is still a great knife and has made for a good back-up. I still think a great deal for the price.

Yes it is. 6 5/8oz to be exact. It’s a beast of a knife and too heavy to carry every day.

Scary looking knives! So scary looking that they can’t be shipped to New York…smh :confused: