An Election Lasting 168 Hours

Darn, I was hoping for a second week of Hollowoot designs. =(

Not really going for the international sales this week I guess.

Ugly Americans anyone?

Get your historical facts straights WOOT! Everybudy knows Teddy Roosevelt was the bear hunter. And Abe Lincoln freed the slaves and kicked Vampire ass! Awesum! Don’t you reed history bookes? I’m embarassed cos y’all so ignant. I can pruve it. See…

Okay so that’s not a bear in the picture. So What! But I’m sure Teddy Roosevelt tuk down a buttloada BEARS!

Love, a PatrIdiotic American!

What?!! And you think this isn’t??

Opening Numbers
Gettysburg Address 3441
Americana 2400
Declaration of Independence 1627
Civic Duty Dance 1061
Wingnut Conservative/Bleeding Heart Liberal 2044
Independence=Independents 1573
Mr. Lincoln 4099
At Least We’ve Got Our Shirts 863
Patriot Wings [original] 1883
Money Changes Everything 1058

Anyone else enjoying the irony of Americana/Election/Politico shirts… made in Honduras? That by itself is funnier…

I’m guessing the Patriot Wings is a “Remix” because they used ink that will actually show up on the shirt? It’s a beautiful design, and one of the first Woot! shirts I bought, but so difficult to see.

This one is printed on a slate shirt instead of asphalt, so the shirt blank is lighter. Not sure if the ink is different or not.

I’m so conflicted on whether to buy it or not. I’ve been waiting years for a reprint, but I don’t like the shirts that Woot uses now.

A Vermin Supreme shirt would have been awesome!


I always liked the George Washington shirt, but I dislike the cut of the Anvil shirts, which I was reminded of when I wore No Quarter Given yesterday :frowning:

Why is Abe Lincoln not a hoodie? 1 lost sale.

I work at the polls. Tempted to wear “Vote Yes on No” on Nov. 6.

Woot would make a great weapons dealer, selling to all sides of a conflict and all. Very slick.

plus, we’ve got diplomatic immunity!

ROMNEY/RYAN 12! Yippee!

Humph. Independence=Independents should have been a purple shirt! Purple! I would have bought it if it were purple… :frowning:

What? Was Ozomba too clever?

Vote Yes on No

so… vote Republican?