An exhaustive guide to cuts of meat

Where’s the beef?

It’s too bad that thatrobert chose to ignore the benefits of a tasty hoof, ear, or snout. Let no cow section go to waste!

Not sure what animal this is. It has the face of a pig, but the body of a cow…

But that doesn’t matter! It’s meat, all of it! Glorious, glorious meat!!!

NO! this shirt is lame!! Shift ONE!!1

The oyster joke mentioned on the shirt refers to Rocky Mountain oysters, which are–

Y’know, you should probably just read it for yourself:

You forgot the cow tongue… I mean, meat.

This tee kind of makes me want to go vegetarian…

The meat bone connected to the meat bone. The meat bone connected to the meat bone. The meat bone connected to the meat bone…

LOL! :slight_smile:

The chickens revenge, against all those cows I keep seeing at Chick-Fil-A

did he leave out tvp- textured vegetable protein? that comes from a cow doesn’t it? chrisprender will know.

Exactly! I am a veg and this shirt describes my extensive carnivorous knowledge.

Did a vegetarian just win the meat derby?

Congratulations ThatRobert!:smiley:

Good reference for Restaurant City daily quiz

I think I’d be more likely to buy this if it had “yuck” rather than “yuk,” but I do that exact same kind of labeling so maybe…

knock knock

who’s there

interupting cow



HAHA! This reminds me of a little story…

I was watching this food competition show called “Chopped” with my little brother. They had to use these mis-named “Oysters” in an appetizer. The competing chefs look disgusted and frusted and go on and on about how they don’t like this particular ingredient. So my little brother turns to me and asks,

“What’s the big deal? Why are they all acting so weird about the meat they’re cooking?”

“Ummmmmmm” Long pause from me “Uhhhhhhh…maybe you should ask dad that one.”

Dad silence “Hmmmmmmmmmm. Uhhhh. Perhaps we should wait for one of the chefs to explain it…”

Thanks to all that voted, commented, and advised on this shirt! It was a fun process.

BTW, how did Woot find out about my staring problem?

My mother used to serve us cow tongue when I was young. I truly believe, however, that my meal shouldn’t be tasting me back.

There’s a meat fair in my state!? Thanks for the heads up Woot! :smiley:

Edit: …not what I was expecting. D: