An Inevitable Fate

Aw, poor guy. His expression is perfect!

I am always in when it comes to LOTR

He’s holding the book upside down!

I was hoping the Editors would split the vote and we’d get a 2-for-$12 deal.

Poor guy. All he wanted to do was enslave Middle Earth.

Nice one!

Woot is addicting. I told myself I would stop buying shirts after the Princess Bride crest and then THIS shirt pops up. Ugh

I swear this is the last one

What a sad shirt. Like a puppy, the ring just wanted to be with an owner who loved it. The ring didn’t curse others; the ring was cursed itself because it couldn’t truly choose its master. It chose Smeagol, Bilbo and Frodo whose natures were all (originally) naive and kind. I believe it was Sauron’s profane influence through his link with the–

oh, wait, sorry. Got a little carried away there. Great shirt, but I’d feel bad every time I wore it.

Okay, bassanimation, now choose me a dragon for tomorrow! Please?

Argh I can’t unsee it now!

It could just be because I’m tired, but I’m almost seeing math equations in the ring’s script.

Even if he is holding the book upside down, it’s still an epic shirt.

Poor dude just found out that he’s “Doomed,” get it?

Okay…perhaps that was too much of a groaner.

The secret has been revealed: the elves have been behind those horrid calculus equations all along.

That he is… He’s one of those reading upside down talented kinda rings! Even better!

Never mind the orientation of the book! How accurate is the script on the ring? This is of utmost importance for nerd cred!!!

I don’t think the script is right. This looks more like normal elven script (Tengwar) than the stylized version on the actual ring. But maybe there would be copyright issues there.

Yeah, in the derby the artist specifically said he didn’t copy the script exactly because of that. Still cool though.

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you Woot!!! I feel really honored to be the first Editor’s Choice with the new derby Rules, specially cause there were many awesome designs!! This was rejected some weeks ago, but now it’s a real tee!! I hope many people enjoy wearing it when The Hobbit first film comes!:D:D

The script is not accurate cause there would be copyright problems, as you pointed out :slight_smile:

Thank you all!