An Upright Declaration

An Upright Declaration

And it arrives in time for Memorial Day! Yay!

Thanks for the print, Shirt.Woot!

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Is it backward on purpose?

What do you mean backward? It’s a flag, it has two sides.

The official guidance is to always put the field of stars in the highest position of honor. So for a wall display, this would be correct (top left). On the front of a t-shirt, I’m not so sure. On a flagpole, it means putting the starfield next to the pole. On army uniforms, it is displayed with the stars to the front (not in retreat).


Did not realize this. Thanks for the info.

It isn’t backwards.
It is shown correctly.
According to the government guide to displaying the flag, “When the flag is displayed on a flat surface like a wall, the union should be at the top left.”

See the official Federal Flag Code here.

The reverse flag is worn reversed when on the RIGHT shoulder of a uniform because on a battle ensign, the flag streams behind the flag pole which is attached on the blue canton side. The idea is that troops never retreat, and the flagpole must always move forward which means that the flag streams backwards/reversed.

If the flag were worn on the LEFT side of the uniform (for whatever reason), it would be shown the “normal” way (with the blue canton in the top left.)

When hung, the blue canton is generally hung in the top left.