Anaba Wines Chardonnay Sampler (4)

Anaba Wines 2009 Chardonnay Sampler 4-Pack
$64.99 (Normally $147.55) 56% off List Price
2009 Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast, Wente Clone
2009 Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast
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Neil, I thought this was going to be offered with the Gap’s crown?

I’ve really enjoyed some Anaba wines, but I’ve never tried their Chardonnays. Definitely am interested in this.

We tried the Wente clone at the HallowWoot tasting.

My notes:
Nose: a hint of lime followed by broad Apple notes

Granny Smith apple moderately creamy. This progressing to fairly light butter and some moderate Oak

This was not my particular style but I don’t like many chards. For a chard it was decent.

But not an oak monster?

Oak was there but not overbearing at all. I like significant oak sometimes but never in Chardonnay.

The numbers and cooperage look promising on these. Interested to hear more tasting notes…

I tried the Wente Clone at the Hallowoot tasting. The nose had an interesting flavor of creamy cheesecake, with a hint of banana and lemon. The palate still had cheesecake notes, with a touch of lemon and ripe apple. Despite these flavor notes, it wasn’t too sweet. It had a dry finish and was balanced and reasonably interesting.

The Wente Clone is not my style for a chardonnay (I prefer fruity unoaked flavors), but it still doesn’t have the heavy oak-butter feel of a traditional new world chardonnay. It’s somewhere solidly in between no oak and extremely oaked in terms of style.

Ever use Chard in an apple pie? I bet that’d be good. I do a grilled fruit honey viognier toss that’s excellent. Not enough white wines in desserts.

Totally digging the color! Congrats on not being invisible anymore.

So should I stop holding my breath for Virginia to ever get back on the shipping list again?

Thinking about these… a little confused about the butter and oak comments on the Wente since it is unoaked and does not got through MLF…however even the winery notes suggest it does have a nice richness to it… hmmmmmm…

aged in neutral oak…maybe that’s it…wonder how old the barrels were…

I’m in Sweden and my tasting notes are in California. Hmmm…

My recollection of the Anaba wines was that I preferred the Wente Clone above the other(s). All the Chards we tasted that night had time in oak, and I thought this was the nicest balance of the bunch. Maybe not quite the perfect poise of Iron Horse Estate Chardonnay, but a solid offering for those who don’t mind a touch of oak in the Chardonnay.

I hope someone is working on it-something about a new law barring third party shipment of wine-we can still get it direct from a winery but not third hand. Sigh. My husband is rejoicing but I am going to miss getting to try so many new (to me) and different wines. Now all I can do is lurk.

Thanks Cesare

Glad to hear you appreciate the balance! We love how the fruit comes through in this wine.

We agree! Enjoy!

Yes, the Gap’s crown was a candidate but dropped out late. What remains are two wines that are very well crafted, from top shelf vineyard sources at an unusually low price.

A classic example of a well balanced ultra premium California Chardonnay.

Very glad to have Anaba winery here.

Anaba Winemaker here: Regarding the question on barrel age, all barrels were three years old. It is my belief that the richness and what may be perceived as barrel influence in this wine is from the very nature of the Wente clone grape. This clone is the darling of winemakers because of its stand-only qualities. Berries and clusters are small, packed with intense flavors, and as they ripen take on an intriguing spice component. No oak and ML necessary here.