Yet another Tron reference… Yawn.

(To the creator - it looks great, I’m just on Tron-overload)

Tron!!! A++++

This shirt is for tron? I thought it was for the sequel of Avatar?

Must’ve been slow.

I need to hire this guy to come wallpaper my livingroom in fly neon victoriana.

Congrats, Spirit!

that’s not really the proper seat position for a penny farthing

Ah, he’s riding a Penny Arcade Farthing.

Congrats dude!

retro futuristic. riding a penny farthing to the nickelodian.

Is it sad that I haven’t seen the movie yet, and therefore don’t get this shirt?

Somebody farthed.

Tron: Legacy has been out for three weeks and it’s already made over $131 million at the domestic box office. That’s a fair sight more than $45…

LOL! It really did suck!

In honor of this shirt, let me share with you all a term that I started using well before the sequel came out.

It’s sort of a sniglet for those of you who remember that term.

“Tronned”: When you drive in the center lane of the highway and cars on either side of you attempt to merge in front of you at the same time.

It looks like the guy has a mustache.

the dog did it

I thought Tron was awesome.

Aw geez, really?

A pun that bad Bass?

…wish I’d thought of it…

It looks like the guy has a hat.

((I assume we are playing a game of let’s point out things that are in the drawing in a manner that suggests they were not intended.))