Ancient Egyptian Plumber

If this new discovery is true, the foundation of modern video games will be utterly destroyed!

This looks awesome.

The ancient Egyptians didn’t need plumbers… duh

Can’t really say I was too much of a fan of this design, but grats on the print, lucky!

Shouldn’t he have sandals on? I question the authenticity of this artifact.

Plumbing wasn’t around till the Romans. I call shenanigans!

Aw man…this is exactly what I see when I play Mario with my little sister and she pauses the game as I’m making that oh-so-crucial jump. Not appreciated.


Do do do doot do du doot.

Suddenly the game Mario’s Time Machine makes sense!

Actually, Indian civilizations dating back to 3,000 BCE had indoor plumbing. But, um, not Ancient Egypt. <_<

Where’s Luigi?

My life from ages 5 to 15 was essentially based on one unquestionable fact: Mario is ITALIAN. I’m not sure I can handle an Egyptian Mario.

Mmmm, Cream of Mushroom.

Too bad I don’t really like mushrooms.

Nice stylin’ though, I dig the distressing.

Yes, this shirt may seem to be a “cop out” since it features a video game character. But still, even so it does it with unusual wit and flair about it.

As for those that don’t feel that Mario has any relation to ancient Egypt, take a look at Super Mario Land on the original Game Boy. It was entirely based around an ancient Egyptian theme, “Sarasaland” I believe it was called. Thus, this representation is entirely appropriate (strangely enough).

I tried to think of something witty to say, but I’ve come up as dry as a desert.

Derby link should be 136 instead of 135 (same problem yesterday).

His hips are oddly placed. I’m pretty sure that’d make his femur detached from his hip bone, crushing the hip joints. Ouch!

Finally up, and congrats Lucky :slight_smile: