Ancient Oak

I saw a Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom.

Reminds me of Zeal in Chrono Trigger.

Is someone selling this tree? I see lots of little price tags hanging from the branches.

Restful; lovely greens.

Love this one! Voted for it in the derby, now buying 1.

Congrats on the print Patrickspens!

I feel so calm and zen-like looking at this, there should be some wise old saying to go with the shirt. Something like,“Do not ponder why the tree floats, but instead let your mind float like the tree”

um, maybe not.

I’m not so sure what all those white things are hanging from the rope around the trunk. They look suspiciously like, hmm, small cylindrically shaped pieces of cotton.

The biggest question in my mind is: Where does the water come from? Because seriously, wouldn’t it run out?

HOLY HECK, are those Charlie Brown’s kites in that tree?!

Hahaha! Love the right up for the artist bio.

Wait, if patrickskpens is an analogy for the giving tree, and the shirt today is by patrickspens–does that mean, in fact, that patrickspens IS the tree?

Ah woot, your wisdom contains much oddness.

LOL, I figured this tree one would do well. Very peaceful and it has a nice waterfall effect there.

It reminds me of Jōmon Sugi, thought to be over 2,000 years old in Japan.

This shirt seems to compliement the Aztec Sunset one. In for one, might end up buying the Aztec one to go with it.

I half expected to see some sort of Harry Potter reference on shirt.woot tonight after reading Facebook statuses about it all day.

Fantastic design, though! Once again, patrickspens, you put Sandy Utah on the map!

So is this tree from the Japanese version of Ferngully, keeping Tim Curry locked away until a giant robot accidentally cuts it down?

Even with the tutorial, I still don’t understand your halftone voodoo!

Awesome work, Patrick!

Now I’m glad I missed the Harry Potter Midnight release to see today’s Shirt Woot. This shirt is way hotter than Hermione.

So, what was the “mystery icon” and did anyone win it?