Ancient Tale

Oh the joy of reading!

Cute but not cuddly, nicely indexed collection of characters.

They need a castle expansion.

The skeleton looks like a Ray Harryhausen creation from Jason and the Argonauts.

Looks like the girl is holding a rabbits head?

I’m reminded of Sesame Street. Today’s shirt is brought to you by the letter q!

Would buy, if the woman were wearing proper armor. :frowning:

At first I wondered why the dwarf was holding a melting ice cream cone but then I realized, doy, dwarf. Ale.

“Are you in good hands?”

Great work congrats :slight_smile:

Ditto. And I’d buy one for my son and daughter, too. Oh well.

Well deserved–congrats LetterQ!

I have been searching for weeks for a shirt to wear to help out at book fair at my kids school. This is perfect!!!

You guys see reading and fairytales; I see a player’s manual and a group of adventurer’s on a quest.

Teacher Must Have- Love this shirt man-

What prevents the knight from being a woman, or the dwarf for that matter…other than your preconceived notions of “proper” fantasy armor?

That is proper armor for her, clearly she’s representing a clan/sect/kingdom that trains with lighter armor so they can run circles around the neighboring nights who wear bulky limiting armor. Plus, with full armor, you’re just offering yourself up as canned meat for those zombies, whereas the girl will be able to run away over a prolonged period of time without tiring as quickly as “Ser Food” will. For what it’s worth.

Plus, she’s sexier that way.

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