Andegavia Napa Valley Merlot 375ml Case

Andegavia Napa Valley Merlot 375ml Case
$139.99 $276.00 49% off List Price
2012 Bartlett Special Edition Merlot Blend, Napa Valley, 375ml

This is one pricy offer with only AbV specs to back it up.
It’s 2106-01-01.
HNY all!

Yeah, pricey. At this price per bottle, instead of going with an unknown cab-drinker’s merlot, I’ll probably stick with a more affordable cab-drinker’s cab.

It’s not like they’re letting you dip your toe in the water to try it out - you need to know in advance. I see that Andegavia charges similarly high prices for their 3l box version of this wine, but I’m just not ready for the “Trust us, we are worth it. Really.” price for a whole case.

This appears to be the same Merlot as in the recent cask offer. FWIW, my family and guests enjoyed this wine.

Their 375 ml bottles are north of $20.
A few people who have this in Cellartracker rate it an 89. A few ratings on their site for their other wines are 88. So would you pay 11.66 a bottle plus tax or shipping for an 88-89?





To all my Wine.Woot friends,

I hope the new year brings Blessings, Peace, Harmony, and Joy to you and yours.

Now someone hand me a drink, Dammit!!


Absolutely. I’ll leave it at that.

Looking at the website, appears the 3L box sells for $75. If my math is correct that is $18.75 per 750ml bottle. I’m assuming they are making money on that and is where they value the product. And perhaps the packaging cost is less.

So to be charging $40 750ml equivalent in 1/2 bottles retail seems a pretty high premium for the halves. Offering them here for $23.33 per 750ml they are still making more than asking price of the same wine in 3L box format.

Just seems odd and just doesn’t sound like a deal. If my comment makes sense at all, after all it is New Year morning.

HNY to all!

If this is an indication of what we have to look forward to in 2016… well… e’nuff said.

I greatly appreciate the half-bottle offer. I really do wish half bottles were more common.

However, I’m with kaolis. This is expensive. I understand that bottling 375s is more expensive (different label and labeling process, different corker, fewer bottles purchased, etc.). But still, meh.

Happy New Year everyone!

Just echoing what others have said. I purchased the 3 liter offering and if it is the same wine that was in the box we enjoyed it as an everyday drinker. An opened box kept for quite some time too. But that was offered at a much lower price than this. Not sure having the half bottles makes this kind of price increase worthwhile. I know for me it doesn’t. And despite recycling all my bottles I really liked the environmental angle of a compact recyclable box.

I love screw top 375’s. My wife doesn’t drink red wine so they are perfect for me for a single night, plus I can open a 750 and fill the 375 and it’ll store with very little oxygen exposure.

Do you store them in the fridge then? That’s what I do. Although I’ve been at this for a long time it’s just recently because of some travel that I discovered what a great method that is.

Ok, time for football.

Need to visit Teldeschi. Like a chemist’s lab; vials/bottles of every size arrayed on his tasting room counter top, all quite full. Everything from those tiny 50ml tasters on up to the 500’s.
Quite an experience to watch him conduct a tasting.

If they are completely full and the pour into the 375 was shortly after opening the original bottle than room temp is fine. If there is still room for a little bit of air then I suggest the fridge. It’s all about limiting exposure to oxygen.

Or you could lug around a 100 lb bottle of AR like scuba RJQ.

The large one is only 15.6 kg, and substantially less for the smaller one.
That’s 34.4# (large) for the mass challenged.

It just looked heavy from where I was standing.

You must work for GE. :wink: