Andegavia Napa Valley Mixed Reds (6)

Andegavia Napa Valley Mixed Reds 375ml 6-Pack
Sold by: The Wine Foundry
$59.99 $156.00 62% off List Price
4 - 2012 Andegavia Merlot, Bartlett Special Edition, Napa Valley, 375ml
2 - 2013 Andegavia Pinot Noir, Merrill, Russian River Valley, 375ml

I got the boxes last time they were up, the merlot was really nice. The pinot noir was a little bland I thought.

Don’t forget tonight …

What, no casks?
Finished my last merlot last night.

I thought this only came in a box!

Thanks, hope you enjoyed. Our Casks will be back later this year. In the meantime, hope you try some of our limited-edition half bottles (at half price) and take advantage of the sale today!

Are you kidding me? “Cockroach wrangling?” How utterly DISGUSTING! That really puts me in the mood to think about wine and fine food - NOT!