Andretti Winery Chardonnay - Six Pack

Look! Bowling Pins!


I can just splash some vodka in the popcorn that I left overnight in a woodshop.

Excellent price! Unfortunately, I am an ABC drinker - Anything But Chardonnay.

that is an amazing amount of alcohol for an amazing price. I think this breaks my “Zero to drunk in twenty dollars” rule, though.

Wow! Finally something for the poor winos

another offer, another chance to keep my wallet in the pocket, yay

and MaskedMarvel, do you actually see what the offer is, or do you have a programmed script to auto buy immediately? must be nice to have a wallet that can afford blind purchasing twice a week… yikes

durn, I was hoping for the Gundlach Bundschu whites…

does “scales” motions with arms

Halloween candy…
Halloween candy…

Hmmm. I’ll wait for the labrats to weigh in on this one. And for the 1st of the month to get here.

Aw, I love cheap wine but am not a Chardonnay fan at all…now 6 bottles of Reisling for $45 and I’m in x3!!! (And calling in sick for work, ha)

Good deal though, keep it up!!

Ahhh…I met Mario personally, both in my younger days at Watkins Glen and more recently at a car show. A more nicer, personable man you will not meet.

On the other hand, I’m not the biggest fan of Chardonnay’s - but seems to be a good quality wine for a good price.

In for a case.

Andretti Wine Makers Site selling the same for $21 per bottle!

Think of your holiday parties coming up. All your friends who drink fast when its cheap.

No, I am not buying either, but this has great gift potential.

no price links yet?

i gave chard my very best try with some cakebread about a year ago - while i see it as something alot of people would like, and i certainly dont find it offensive, its simply a little boring for me. for those who like it though i’ve heard good things about andretti wine, and this is a great price.

easy to go in on the gundlach…sitting out on this one.

The spouse and I love reds but also like the white wines. I have a lot of girlfriends who like the whites. Most of the wine clubs I belong to ship mostly reds so if a good white wine woot comes along, I’ll go for it to restock for the the girlfriends. So, my dilemma…I need to read some good reviews before I succumb to the big yellow button. Looking for those labrat reports…

So, need more whites, and at this price, it’s well worth it, even if some of them end up as gifts (we have quite a few white-preferred-drinking friends). Oh, and available for rattage this week too. :snob:

AND, while I noticed that COLORADO is lit up bright (even before my purchase), we’re still limping along to get folks at Colorado #2 wine tasting(at our house in Denver metro)… we’ve only got 12 folks so far, and that includes some of our local (aka non-w.w) friends.

Andretti Winery Chardonnay - Six Pack
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: White
product: 6 2005 Chardonnay

Winery website


Not a chard fan at all.

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How good is this deal?

WD, I think someone has fallen ill, and mispriced this offer. This has got to be the most ridiculous discount we have ever seen on wine.woot*. A typical woot discount would place this more at the $84.99 range. You could buy a set, sell three bottles to a friend at a 30% discount off retail price, and you’d keep the other three bottles for free!

And for those of you upset that you can only order two sets from woot, you’re still two bottles up – the winery website limits orders to 10 bottles.

*Discount comparisons not available for all offers, so mayhaps there has been a previous offer that was an even steeper discount than this, but not recently.