Andretti Winery Sample 3 Pack in Gift Box

Andretti Winery Sample 3 Pack in Gift Box
$49.99 + $5 shipping
1 Andretti 2008 Napa Valley Syrah
1 Andretti 2009 Napa Valley Zinfandel
1 Andretti 2008 Napa Valley Sangiovese
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I reckon this wine will go fast.

I see what you did there. :slight_smile:

I wonder what flavor profiles the Viognier adds to the syrah. Seems like an interesting combo.

If I drink this will I inherit the Andretti Curse?

Wish I could get this deal for $40 without the gift box included. When it comes to big name wines, I always feel like I’m paying more for the name than the quality. Looking forward to hearing about this wine from anyone who has tried it.

Here’s a link to a description of a wine I am familiar with that adds a bit of viognier to the syrah. They claim it gives it a floral bouquet.

What is the drinking window on these? Now or cellar?

“The wine gift box: perfect for anyone you might have to buy a gift for.”

So they are saying I can give the box as a gift and keep all the wine for little ol’me, right? :slight_smile:

These are $43 per bottle on the winery site!!

buy one, get two free.

Does anyone know how 2008 was for Napa and more specifically the syrah?

When I went to Napa last year, I felt the same thing until we stumbled upon Andretti. Loved the Sangiovese and my brother and I split a case; one of the better wines we tasted during the whole trip.

Are these full size bottles at this discount?

Greetings…Patrick with Andretti, Chief Dishwasher…

Sangiovese aging…good for another year, but at its zenith right now…most excellent for this year’s holiday.

Syrah…real nice right now, but evolving positively over the next year…kill it with pleasure by 2013 (classic Calif Syrah)

Zin…big tannins and good in the glass for another 3 years.


Full…as in 750ml…yup!

-Patrick w/Andretti Winery

That’s becoming a fairly standard combo. Cote Rotie does it, El Jefe makes Sir Ron Yeah, and a bunch of other CA and Aus wineries do it, and even the newest Cyberpub Blend is doing it. The Viognier tends to add a floral aroma to it while also helping deepen the pigment of the wine through co-pigmentation (assuming it’s co-fermented with the Syrah).

Thanks so much for visiting us…we LOVE when you come to the winery! Hospitality is woven into the fabric of who we be…thanks for enjoying our wines!

'for this vintage, we blended post ferm…but have co-fermented the varieties in the past. reckon it was a winemaker whimsy decision for this vintage, but it paid off similar to the co-ferms we’ve done in the past.

well said and couldn’t have put it better myself describing the harmony of the variety blend…

-Patrick w/Andretti

No…just the right amount, the right plate(s) of food, the right person by your side…your night will be divine. Too much…sure, you’re morning may be cursed…but nothing to do with racing :wink:

Best fortune to you,

-Patrick w/Andretti

…but of course, but may want to put something (olive oil?) in the box to give it some weight.

enjoy the wine…and may your friend enjoy the box :-)!