Andrew Murray Rhone - 3 Pack

Andrew Murray Rhone - 3 Pack
$44.99 + $7.00 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2007 Syrah Terra Bella Vineyard
1 2006 Espérance
1 2006 Grenache
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I can attest these are good. I bought several on my last trip to the tasting room and wooted the last time.

Is this the first offering from a winery featured in Sideways on Woot?

Courtesy of CJ …

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Andrew Murray’s wines have been on Woot before. And no. Fess Parker’s wines have also been here.

This is actually Murray’s second offering here. I bought the first offering (3 syrah’s) and liked it, I like Paso Rhones, I like discounts that are over 50%, and I guessed the winery, so I’m in.

Available for ratting, too.

Thanks, I just pushed the stupidly large button for 2. Much cheaper than flying out to do the Sideways tour.

$94 + tax/shipping winery price
$52 woot price, delivered

45% discount overall before all that jazz. Nice! So very tempting…will sit on this a while and then likely push the stupidly large button. :slight_smile:

ok since its nearly a ba-zillion degrees outside (90-ish)… would someone please tell me how well these wines will TRAVEL? will the heat in the delivery process damage the wine?

Love the grenache…in for one

although Fess Parker in the movie was actually Frass Canyon

So, people who bought this in November, what does it taste like? Notes, opinions? Too ripe for you? Or too earthy and French? Or not French enough? Or Perfectly In Between like the little Bear’s porridge?

And let’s have some comparisons to some other Syrahs and Rhone-ish wines you’ve also wooted and drunk since then! Maybe he makes 'em all in different styles. From what Murray said last time, he likes all different sorts of Syrah styles himself.

Also looks like Murray’snot averse to fiddling post-picking to get to desired alcohol / acid levels: not a purist, but knowing what he’s doing, aiming to make tasty wines. I’d love to hear SB or other similarly knowledgable maker comment on this!

I too am worried about the heat, despite the increased shipping price to … um, ensure their safe travel.

Enjoyed Andrew’s Syrah’s the last time around. Looking forward to trying these. In for 1; but NOT available for ratting this week.

In for two and would love love love to rat!

Two comments, with all due respect.

(1) Syrah at 15.9% alcohol isn’t wine, it’s a palate-numbing monster – one main reason that Eric Asimov wrote earlier this month about the grape’s failure in California.

(2) It’s a pretty good trick for the 2006 Grenache to spend 18 months in French oak and be released in March, 2007.

Egads, yes - I’d not noticed the ABVs on my first pass. I had been a certain in for one, but now I’m going to blow my chance at rattage and hold off to ask - what’s up there?

These are exceptional wines. They have the big fruit characteristic of the Santa Ynez Valley, but combined with some of the earthy complexity of the Rhone varietals themselves. They’re long, complex wines.

I’m a frequent visitor to the winery, and also bought the last Andrew Murray offering on Wine.Woot, which was superb. An excellent deal.

Reasons to vote Emmy83 for rat:

  1. Would take the sting off of last night’s golfball-sized hailstorm.

  2. I haven’t yet done grocery shopping for the week, so I could really go crazy on meal pairing. Heck, you could tell me what to make and I’d do it.

  3. I still have 1/2 quart left of raw cream.

  4. I still have a gallon of milk that I bought specifically for mozzarella cheese-making.

  5. I have homemade fettuccine in the freezer, it could also be utilized for the meal.

  6. My friend gabbins can finally eat whatever she wants.

Thank you! :slight_smile: