Andrew Murray Syrah Trio

Andrew Murray Syrah Trio
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red

1 2005 Roasted Slope Vineyard
1 2006 Great Oaks Vineyard
1 2007 McGinley Vineyard

CT Links above (and good LORD are there a lot of Andrew Murray Syrahs in CellarTracker).

I want I want I want… but am gone next week. There’s no chance of this getting to MN before Nov 30th, right??? Right?

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I’ve purchased and enjoyed the Roasted Slope. I’ve tasted several other Andrew Murray wines and they are all good. This is quite a deal I think. Also if you find yourself in Los Olivos, go into their tasting room. Great service and good wine.

Now, the only syrah i’ve had was … i think from madison vineyards. i didn’t like it. obviously being from a different vineyard, these will be different. but how different? different enough? different to be worth it on my jobless budget?

also, thanks woot for the what were you doing at 25. at 24, i was reading the wine description through blurred eyes wondering where my youth, vigor, and dreams had gone. bastards.

looks to be a screaming deal, the 2005 roasted slope goes for 34 on the winery website, rated 90 by robert parker.

great oaks is 30, and the 2006 mcginley is 32. don’t see the 2007 out there yet.

i’m definitely in. here’s some more info from the website:

2005 Roasted Slope.

2006 (not 2007) McGinley.

2006 great oaks.

Judging by the locations of the vineyards (and alcohol levels), these are more likely to offer a warm climate impression.

A few questions:

  1. Was 25% new oak used on all three of these cuvees?

  2. Were acid additions required to get the the ~3.7 pH and 6-7 g/L TA with each wine? I know at least one SYV vineyard yields high acid Syrah, but it’s also common for Syrah to reach a natural pH around 4.0 at the ripeness levels most like.

  3. What were the Brix at harvest?

Would this be called a diagonal flight?

What’s the difference between Petit Syrah and Syrah? I had a Petit Syrah a little while ago that was one of the best wines I’ve ever had. I can’t find my notes right now to say what it was, but I’m certain it was a Petit Syrah, not just Syrah.

Man a Syrah, one of my favorite varieties. Of course it’s right at time when I can’t afford it. Otherwise I’d be in for 1.

Wikipedia is your friend:


The Petite Sirah is actually a cross of Syrah with another grape. Of coruse it’s more confusing apparently as there’s also “Petite Syrah” according to Wikipedia, but it seems far less common. So perhaps you had a Petite Sirah?
As for how it actual taste, I can’t say. But I enjoy Syrah’s a lot (and their austrialian counterpart Shiraz.)

Petit Sirah (with an “i”) is a cross between Syrah (with a “y”) and Peloursin.

Petit Sirah is the same as Durif.
Syrah is the same as Shiraz.

Nice one. It totally is!

Is it just the photo, or are the 2006 and 2007 screwcaps?

I love this winery so I am in for 2 and crossing my fingers to finally be a rat. I’m curious to hear (and to find out) where these wines fall in terms of new versus old world. My recollection is that the wines I tasted at Andrew Murray some years ago teetered towards the new world style and the ones I tasted at the end of summer 08 were a bit earthier. That being said, last time I was in Los Olivos I didn’t like the wines I tasted at Andrew Murray as much as my earlier trips - I recall them being a bit either hot or acidic but must apologize as I unfortunately don’t have any notes from that trip (it was a last minute scramble the day before a wedding). Regardless, this remains one of if not my favorite wineries in Los Olivos and am really excited to have such a great deal!

They are screwcaps. And that is how it should be.

I know. But I miss the corks. :frowning:

There are probably other wines with this feature, but I got some Calera (which I like) and they had glass stoppers instead of corks or Stelvins. It’s pretty cool.