Andrew Murray Terra Bella Syrah (3)

Andrew Murray Terra Bella Syrah 3-Pack
$69.99 $121.00 42% off List Price
2011 Andrew Murray Syrah, Terra Bella Vineyards

Love most of Andrew Murray wines. Haven’t tried the Terra Bella yet because I think they were sold out of previous releases.

Normal price is $36 plus shipping so I think this is a great deal.

In for one and hoping it is as delicious as his other wines that I’ve tried!

Woot-off begins with 6 offers of wine in a row. Nice!

There’s plenty of non-wine in the plus offers right now.

Yeah. Noticed that too. Also saw some seriously good juice on plus as well.

While we’re on the topic of plus deals, I do understand offering gourmet food items on wine.woot but what’s up with the bonsai trees?

WD was a feudal Japanese warlord in a previous life. Does it make sense yet?

Thanks wooters! Hope y’all had a great Thanksgiving! Happy Hanukkah as well! I am stoked to have one of our wines on again. We have been selling out too quickly lately. We set aside a very small number of cases (at the arm twisting of woot) for this offering. The Terra Bella is always a favorite with our fans and critics alike…too many review over the years in the 90+ range to brag on. Bigger in style, this Syrah comes from the steep hills of west side Paso… Hope you all take advantage of this crazy (one off) chance to buy this wine at such a great price. The wine was just released at the beginning of November. It was bottled in May, so it is just starting to shine in the bottle, but it has 7-10 years of life in this bottle. Cheers,

That’s been a WD offer for a couple years now.