Android or iPhone?

Android or iPhone?


Oh how I miss using my Treo 650.


Are you trying to start a war, Woot? Didn’t we already try to break the forums on the post mongering thread?

Android and iOS both have their good points and bad points, their ardent supporters and ardent haters. It’s just the way of things. People tend to stick with what they know, too.


There is never ever a reason to buy an iPhone they are the worst values. Apple has the worst communication apps. They suck at communicating. The ecosystem is a lie. Every device can talk to every other device. They are cheaply made they can’t even make proper laptop keyboards. Please God if you are thinking of buying an Apple products please contact me so I can save you from making an expensive terrible decision.

I have personally owned every single mobile operating system and Android is by far the most powerful most feature Rich the most affordable mobile unless there’s ever been iOS doesn’t even come close it’s not even number two that’s ever been I would say it’s like 4th best ever.



Voted Windows phone for teh lulz

I’d recommend folks looks at global stats for what phones are most popular. Android makes up about 85% of all smartphones, the only market where Apple has a strong foothold is the US (and maybe UK?)

They do account for the biggest single brand, though, narrowly outperforming Samsung. Android is diverse in its offerings while iOS is relatively monolithic


Even Capitan Picard had an Android.


I miss my Blackberry curve. :pleading_face:


I found out about Woot back when I had a Blackberry in 2007? Otherwise, I prefer iPhone for video/photography.


If it’s video/photography you’re into, I just got the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Next level stuff there. You’re truly missing out if you use anything else.

I miss my original Balckberry 850. Best keyboard ever. Link to wiki on the 850


I sure do miss my Palm Pre


Umm … Two Solo cups and a string?


Blackberry Storm FTW

Happy Season 9 GIF by The Office


I love my M1 MacBook Air and wouldn’t trade it for any Chromebook or Windows laptop.

BUT: I use an Android for 1 reason: Apple’s iOS device walled garden. I want to control which apps I can install and control on my own device. My number one (not on the Play store) Android app: AdGuard, which gives me system-wide adblock for every app. As far as I know, this is something not possible on a stock iOS device.

I know you can jailbreak an iOS device, but some apps detect jailbroken devices and won’t work.


Should have been a two part question - what phone do you currently have, and which phone would you prefer now?

I currently have a PC computer and Android phone. But I’ve grown to loath Windows. Want to switch back to a Mac and get an Apple phone.


I have an Android so I voted for that but I actually don’t have a preference, I will use either one. I don’t understand the “HaHa” for Windows phone. It was literally a vastly superior smart phone to Apple and Android and most people who owned one knew that. I hate more people didn’t adopt them.

FYI, this is (mostly) possible on iOS now. I have AdGuard installed on Apple and have it permission to be a content blocker. I say mostly because it doesn’t work in apps that still use legacy webview controls because they would’ve had to back port the feature, but most apps should be updating over time as they deprecate the old ones. And it won’t work in dedicated ad controls, not sure if it does in Android. Android definitely does give some more control (it wouldn’t surprise me if you can control the firewall).

Either way, competition is good. Lots of Apple features like this or custom keyboards are definitely pulled from Android years after Android introduced them.


Nokia 3310, 1997!