Android or iPhone?

Android and, more specifically, Samsung. I’m not an Apple ‘hater’ and owned an iPhone for many years but Apple’s totalitarian control of both the devices they manufacture and the ecosystem they maintain became intolerable. When I switched to Android I did so with an open mind and a willingness to return to iPhone if what I found displeased me or aspects of it translated into too big a trade-off but I fell in love with Android and have never looked back. No mobile operating system is perfect and Android has annoying foibles but my device is mine to control and customize as I see fit, there is a robust supporting ecosystem and it is (imho) far-and-away the more user-friendly mobile OS.

I’m not sure the results of the poll reflect the people commenting. It’s almost as though one side is desperate to justify their choice, while the other side just knows they bought the best phone.

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Perhaps not everybody uses the forums or wants to get into a debate?




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Push-to-Talk! Miss that as a built-in device feature (the P2T ‘app experience’ is not the same - nowhere near as fluid and reliable).


It’s all about Sidekick3. So, I can own the n00bs still on MySpace.



For the 2.2% who said Window Phones, good on you! I loved my Nokia 1020 with Windows, and still use it for the camera!

I actually really liked WebOS. I had an HP Touchpad tablet with that on it and it was great. But it was also a barren wasteland when it came to apps so I put Android on it instead.

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Miss it.

Still have a battery to remind me of it.

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I dropped an iPhone 6S into a pot of warm French fry :fries: oil. I quickly retrieved it even though it had already been fully submerged. It worked just fine for over a year after that. The speakerphone speaker slooooowly lost volume, but by then I was addicted to my headphones anyway. I reluctantly upgraded to an iPhone 8 after the battery health depleted. I wasn’t particularly easy on that battery either. That’s my story. I had a couple of Android devices, but neither lived as long as that iPhone 6S. I miss it even more knowing that it was the last one available with a headphone jack.

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I miss playing “Snake” on a Nokia 5120!!!
…with multiple batteries on standby!

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Upgrade: two Campbell’s soup cans and a wire

Most Android phone commercials mention the iPhone in some capacity. How is that good marketing? It’s like if I were trying to court someone and kept mentioning another potential suitor.

I’m not particularly happy with the amount of data androids send to Google. I read it was 20x that iphones send to Apple. Huge privacy advocate here. And yes Adguard is the bomb diggity. Tho I don’t have Adguard installed, just use their dns and boom! no ads system wide

Interesting. The last time I looked, AdGuard only supported Safari on iOS. IIUC, AdGuard Pro works on the entire phone now with local VPN (like it does on Android)?

I still use my rotary dialer