Android Tablets

I got the Vizio on woot last time it was offered and was wondering if anyone had suggested apps or stuff like that.

One main problem I have is that firefox isn’t working very well on it, and the native droid app doesn’t have adblock so woot is a pain in the ass to use. Does anyone have any ideas?

You could try to root it and install AdAway to kill out the ads.

I suppose I could if I hadn’t upgraded it, no one is really working on it though so there isn’t much support. Still, I appreciate the suggestion.

can you install amazon android applications from the amazon appstore on it? they have some different browsers available.

I don’t know if it will work on the tablet, but I use dolphin lite on my smart phone and haven’t had any problems with any sites ads.

Dolphin browser doesn’t seem to have adblock either. I might try the amazon app store.

can you upgrade any new version.

newest avalible everything is installed. I think I will just put up with firefox crashing and everything.

If you need a .asia domain, DotAsia Organisation Ltd. is giving out incentives depending on how long you register a domain for.

For 1 year, you get a pair of earphones.
For 2 years, a stylus pen
For 5 years, a bluetooth keyboard (no number pad, but I assume there are numbers on the keys as an alternate function)
and for 10 years, (and the reason I mention this) you get a 7" android tablet with a half gig of ram and 4Gb of storage.

Not too exciting really, but if you need a .asia domain anyway, it’s a nice incentive to go for the full 10 years.

i need a .asiandominatrix, is that the same thing?

not the same, but you could get, which appears to be available :^)

I’m sort of surprised no one has taken that one already. Certainly cheaper than it’s .xxx counterpart ( $80 registration fee … ouch!

This made me lol, just so you know.

Do I have to wait 10 years to get the tablet?

Another complaint.
Gmail doesn’t update very often, I had expected it to be instantaneous, but I basically have to refresh it manually. (yes, I have background data and auto-sync turned on)

Gmail doesn’t let add people in my contacts to my mail, unless I go through the contacts app. (so I can’t just start typing like I usually do.

Talk doesn’t seem to work right anymore either.

They say the tablet comes directly from the org that runs the .asia registry.

I also found out that to get a .asia doamin, you have to have a business presence in Asia. Not too useful more most of us. :slight_smile:

I could hire some Asian person for $0.25/hr 1 hour a mo.

you could pay him in ground-up-baby pills.

I’m thinking I am going to buy the toshiba thrive.

Or perhaps the TF300

i love my kindle fire. it’s perfect for everything i want it for. (pretty much just playing games, reading, watching videos & listening to music)