Android Tablets

The low screen resolution was a real turn off for me, but I know people like it.

seriously? low screen resolution? the screen is awesome. Movies/tv look GREAT. Plus, it’s only 7 inches. It’s perfect for what it is meant for.

Well, that is just my opinion. I’m not saying it is a bad product, just that for me, I would want something a little more powerful.

I suppose I could if I hadn’t upgraded it, no one is really working on it though so there isn’t much support. Still, I appreciate the suggestion.

Gmail doesn’t let add people in my contacts to my mail, unless I go through the contacts app. (so I can’t just start typing like I usually do.

I’ve had my tf300 for a few days now so I thought I would post my thoughts.

1 battery life
After rooting and implementing a small modification I seem to be getting close to the mfg reported 10 hours. Charges fairly fast, I think in under an hour. Proprietary charger port has pros and cons.

2 screen
IPS panel looks good from any angle, is visible in bright daylight, although not as well as in the shade or indoors. If I went to the beach I would use it under a beach umbrella. Resolution is fine, I doubt my eyes would notice a denser screen. Touch seems fine for a capacitive screen, although I am hoping to see better technology in the future. The horizontal resolution is rather diminished by the task bar, but that is true for all devices.

  1. Size, weight
    It is too big to fit into a pocket, but you should know that. It can be held with one hand, but after a while you may wish to rest it on something.

  2. Speed
    Seems fine. Everything save for some flash based content loads at a comparable speed to a pc.

  3. Camera
    No flash or zoom. At the full 8mp it looks kind of blurry, but at say 2mp it looks fine, but most p&s cameras seem to be like this. (I use a DSLR) The front camera is ok for videochatting, but don’t expect to be taking photos with it.

  4. Sound
    I am not an audiophile, but the speaker seems to be quite loud while still sounding good. Note that it is a mono speaker for all intents a purposes.

  5. Buttons
    Only 3 hard buttons kind of sucks, but such is life.

  6. Sensors
    GPS wifi and such all seem to work fine.