AngeloHOME Microfiber Sheet Set - 4 Sizes

Silly woots. How can you sell sheets without listing thread count?

Thread count? What’s the thread count?!?!?!!?

$19.99 tonight
The best I can do is going to the Angelo:Home website, find sheets that are almost the same, and show you QVC selling it (and all they’ll say is they sell no less than 300 count sheets):

with prices from $23 to $33. It’s a guess as far as if these are directly comparable.

Good night.

100% polyester sheets.

When they’re microfiber/polyester sheets they don’t measure or list a thread count as they would with cotton. In my experience they never feel as soft as real cotton, and they don’t breath.

Real quick, not sure if this will help:

That’s really bizarre. I’ve never known microfiber products to be anything less than silky in texture, far softer than cotton.

Can’t say about the sheets, but microfiber shirts and suits don’t trap my body heat, and don’t make me as sweaty as cotton.

If you like sweating like a rented mule, these are the sheets for you.

To the glue factory with you!

No long twin? Woot, you’re ignoring a key demographic- dorm-bound college students.

Not sure what they are talking about above me, but this is a great time of year for microfiber.

I have found that they breathe fairly well, and are cool to the touch (if you do not have a blanket on top of you).

Not clingy like satin or silk sheets. But that is my opinion, take it or leave it.

Can someone tell me if these are deep-pocketed?

These are 95 gsm.

Wow! That’s amazing!
It even says that right there in the specs!

How do you know how much the shipping charges are B4 you buy the item? Thanks! (-:

Shipping at woot is always $5 per order (unless you need it expedited or its a shirt). Load up your cart with everything you want before you complete the checkout.

What does GSM mean, please?

Grams per Square Meter. Cheap sheets can be found at about 75 gsm. Good microfiber towels can go up to 300, but are usually about 250.

So, not cheap sheets, and not towels. Does that help?

I had to google it myself. GSM = Grams per Square Metre.

Understanding commercial linen:

According to this site it’s not all about the thread count, because thread thickness is also a factor. 1000 TC (thread count) sheets doesn’t mean the threads are thick and the sheets are nice.

Microfiber Sheet Set Guide: says "Does a thicker fabric or a higher GSM mean a better quality sheet? No. The thickness of a fabric does not indicate the quality of the sheet. A cotton flannel sheet is obviously alot thicker than a cotton percale sheet, yet the quality and durability are comparable. "