Angry Day*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race.

Wanna buy it later? Click this link!

I don’t like the color

i don’t get the idea behind this

No thanks. I love the squirrel, but the text ruins it. I suppose it couldn’t have been helped in the context of the theme.

Really disappointed to see nine to five shadow didn’t win. It was easily my favorite and the only one I’d consider out of the four. No offense to the others, they were cute, clever, etc, but I just wouldn’t wear them.

Congratulations! I thought this would be third. (Sorry Derek aka King of 4th place.) That’s two in a row for Mr. Dekonstruct. Wahoo!

Continue your happy dance and congratulations again!

Ahh grats on the win, still wish i had my 9 to 5 o’ clock shadow…

Well to counter-balance the negativity of the first few posts I must say that I enjoy this design.

I’ve been waiting for this shirt all week! omg THANK YOU! To everyone… the awesome artist, woot, the academy, etc. so happy. :slight_smile:

Come on woot… how many votes did it get? (congrats by the way dekonstruct, i’ll be getting two of these :wink:

great shirt. I can wear it when I feel a little PMS comeing on

got 1 for work :smiley:

Grrrrrrrrr! Just kiddin’. Glad this one won. With the way these shirts are fitting me, the guy on the Nine to five o’clock shadow shirt would’ve had his head poking out of my waist…with a gas mask on, no less. (If I tucked it in, anyways…) That would’ve been embarassing.

congrats on the win, i think this could have won the first time had it not been entered so late :smiley:

I REALLY want nine to five o’clock shadow! PLEEEESEEEE print it woot! The natives are getting restless

um, and why didn’t they put number of votes received on this one? Don’t they usually post that?

EDIT: I want to clarify that I like this shirt too and congrat Dekonstruct (sp). Not a hater, just trying to encourage the sale of both shirts :slight_smile:

I agree x100 derek got robbed. I can only hope that woot will print 9-5 o’clock shadow tomorrow, like they did on the last derby. I would’ve paid double for that shirt. Congrats to the winners, but i’ll pass. Cmon 9-5 o’clock shadow for derby chimp

Hooray for bad days! In for one!

I agree it’s a silly shirt that would probably get some laughs from friends if I wore it to class.

…But I could very easily draw that design on a red shirt with white fabric paint, rather than pay $10 and wait a week for screenprinting and shipment. Just like the Tag one. The America-as-a-circuit-board shirt was great, though.