Animal Crossing: City Folk (Visit me!)

I just recently bought this for the Wii and I’m itching to visit someone’s town. So for alls yous who have this game, here’s my friend code: 1848-6245-5285

Send me yours and we can be City Folk friends!

And I promise I’m no bulldozer! I might even plant a few trees or flowers. However, currently I’m quite poor…so don’t expect any fancy furniture…yet.

You can bulldoze the town?
It is the only video game I played, but I don’t have the new one. The Wii travels back and forth to college with my son.
Really? Bulldoze the town?
More fun than fishing.

Haha, no. I just mean that I won’t go through and destroy everything. : ) But yes, bulldozing would be awesome.

If I see the boys playing it on the wii, I’ll tell them about you.

I wonder how much a bulldozer would cost? I wrecking ball would be fun too!