Animal Spirit Hats

All of these models deserve Oscars for acting happy to be wearing something so ridiculous.

Hipster Doofus (Doofi?) hats!

Look, ladies, if it’s cold enough to wear these it’s too cold to wander around in a bandeau or cami. Just sayin’.


Come on now, no male is wearing that.

I was gonna say that…

Plus… No sloth? What the heck does woot have against sloths?

I thought my 2 year old grandson might like one…


“WTF’s” up with models? Child exploitation on multiple levels.

You have to be really REALLY good looking to get away with wearing one of these hats…or not care what anyone thinks.

I belong to the “good looking” category, just like all other wooters.

Haha, I came here to say just this…

There was someone on Shark Tank last year with a product like these. I can’t remember how well they were received.

Hellooooooo ladies … Is that a cheap animal on your head or is that my cologne…

If there was a unicorn, I know 6 people who would have bought them.

haha these are cheaper at 7-11, my 3yr old saw them and wanted to get them for everyone for Christmas lol.

These are all over AT&T Park during Giant’s games- Pablo Sandoval fans wear panda hats all the time (who knows if it will move to Fenway with him). Brandon Belt fans wear Giraffe hats (his nickname is “baby giraffe”).

and it is usually cold here for baseball, so lots of people wear these hats. No giraffes so I’m not in for 1.

Product page?

Click on the green Animal Spirit Hats text at the top of the thread. It’s a link.