Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Keyboard - Gateron Blue

Anne Pro 2 Mechanical Keyboard - Gateron Blue

If you offered the AP2 in white, I’d buy it this instant! Since you don’t, I’ll wait for the next drop on Drop.

Why bother with Drop… there are much better places to get it. Also, much better keyboards.

Because Drop is actually cheaper than alibaba if you’re interested in kailh box switches. And until you explain which bluetooth mechanical keyboards are better and why, your comment basically amounts to “this keyboard sucks, which is why I’ve taken the time to comment on the Woot page selling it.”

Picked up this deal a couple of weeks ago with product details showing gateron brown switches. The box that I received had a sticker that said brown kailh box switches. Make sure you check when you receive it.


Experienced the same issue. Recieved Kaihl Box Brown switches…NOT Gateron Brown as advertised. These are not the same thing as Kaihl Box has known issues and doesn’t fit O rings. Still waiting a resolution.

My understanding is that Kailh box switches had a known issue a few years ago that were addressed, and that no one is selling the older version at this point. If you prefer Gateron switches, that’s one thing, but “known issues” are history at this point.