Announcing FUNimation's Pick for Derby #191: Robots Save the World!

Great choice, guys! And wow, Bass, that’s really nice of you. I hope you enjoy your anime goodies :smiley:

Grats to Bass! A very nice design! I’ll have to buy one before Sunday rolls around.

CONGRATS Bassanimation!!!:smiley:

Congrats Bassanimation–that’s extremely generous of you!


Awesome to see Bass, and your donation is absolutely outstanding. Big congrats!

You mean this design wasn’t one of the top 3 anyway?! Man, I was sure it would be. Well I’ve bought it now.

Congrats Bass!

Me, I think you should just throw this into the top 20 with everything else, and should it outlast soemthing else, so be it - more for charity!

Congratulations - so pleased it is going to be printed

Awesome! You’re a good egg.

And I think you’ll be someone who appreciates the prize pack, no?

Congrats, Bass, on a wonderful design.

All the designs were great but this one was the only one I was prepared to purchase for myself. I’m happy for Bass. Keep up the great work. And I don’t mind paying extra for it.

Congrats Bass, you deserve it! I’m glad Woot is printing it as well!

Sweet, congrats Bassanimation! This one totally deserves a print, and God bless ya for doing something good for the world with it.

Buy shirts and help Japan, everybody. It’s goodness all around.

Have any other international Wooters been able to buy the shirt? Keeps giving me a server error :confused:

What’s more, I’ve emailed service@woot but the automated reply said I’d get a reply after the weekend. The weekend that it’s on sale for. Not cool. :confused:

Hopefully Woot promotes this more than the spot on the sidebar over there. I’d really like to see some type of promotion or link up along the top of the main shirt.woot page over the weekend to make sure people see that this is for sale.
Anyway, great work Shawnna!

Awesome! Bought’d.

Feel free to help us spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

So, why isn’t Woot giving all of their proceeds from the shirt to the Red Cross along with the artist? This strikes me as pretty puny of Woot not to pitch in too.