Announcing FUNimation's Pick for Derby #191: Robots Save the World!

Congrats bass! You are awesome and noble!

Great design and great pick FUNimation!

This outcome is full of awesome.

Congrats to Bassanimation
Mad props for the donation
(more bad rhyming witheld to protect the innocent)

Congrats bassa! You are the best!

Kitty! Donations! Win!


Thank you to everyone for your support on this one. I could not talk much about my intentions with this design for obvious reasons. ^^;

When my commission arrives from Woot, I plan to donate the entire amount. I can post the email receipt in this thread after the donation is made :). Please post and share the shirt’s link! This design will not be featured in the Reckoning, so it’s up to us Wooters to network it as much as we can. The more sales, the bigger the amount I can give. :smiley:

Also thank you, Funimation and Woot, for making this possible! :smiley: I hope “Mirai” inspires others to look to the future with strength and hope :).

So cool Bass! Hope it sells lots!
I have a friend in Sendai and we wait with bated breath for every update he sends. What they’re going through is just impossible for us to understand :frowning:

Congrats Bass! You are so awesome.
Voted and Bought!

I was hoping this design was going to win or place, congrats for the “big win” and the opportunity to toss in a few more dollars towards Japan.

Didn’t you read the post? They called themselves a “hyper-cynical t-shirt site”, thats why!

Lucky! enjoy all that anime loot:) thats cool your donating the money! Too bad woot can’t donate it for you so you don’t have to fiddle with uncle sam next year.

Bass totally Rocked the Hut on this one.

I loved the line work and detail on this one, and you’ve done a generous thing here donating the proceeds to the relief effort in Japan.

Congrats on the print, the win, and being an awesome person to boot.

Congrats Bass! This is an awesome pick. Going to pick one up this weekend.

Or if not that, at least sell it for a decent run, not indefinite like blurry question mark but more than just 3 days

So happy to see they chose yours, Bass. It also warms my heart immensely to see you donating all of it to Japan. Definitely need to do my part to support your donation this weekend. Best of luck to you Bass, I hope you raise a lot. And once again, congratulations! :slight_smile:

This is a wonderful design, Shawnna and if possible, an even more wonderful thing to do with your Woot bucks. You go, girl!

spread the word we need more tweet’s & more share’s on Facebook - only 9 so far.
The more of us that share the farther our reach will go, even if you don’t personally want to purchase the shirt someone else might.
Those sales help others in need.

great shirt, great win. Congratulations Bassanimation! (YEAH SHAWNNA!)

I agree and wouldn’t it be really good if woot also donated $1 for every shirt sold (just my opinion - ‘every little helps’ a slogan for Tesco supermarket in UK lol)

I too have been influenced by Japanese art but I am not a T-shirt artist, but i really admire your contribution Bass -

Way to eff with our comfort zone, Woot and Funi-dudes. Left turn - yeah!
And CONGRATS Bass!!! This is an epic win and totally deserved. Go, girl!

Just worked fine for me (in the UK). Maybe try again now?

Great choice by FUNimation, and brilliant gesture by bass’. Keep on being awesome. :slight_smile: