Anolon Bronze Cookware

Has anyone tried out the bakeware set? What do you think of the rest?

Description should say:
“Bronze-colored anodized aluminum”

Aluminum cookware is just fine.
Bronze would be fun to experiment with. I suspect it would cook a lot like copper.

This set is not made of bronze. It is aluminum and colored bronze.

Where is this stuff made?

This stuff is really good quality. Sells for around 80.00 in MACY’S home store. Better quality than Calphlon.

Anyone else getting annoyed with Woot! having all this lovely pictures of Woot! plus items, only to find them not for sale when you click on the link?

I thought that spoon was looking pretty cool…

I have the 14-inch skillet, and it is one of my go-to kitchen pieces. It has held up very well through the years I’ve had it. The only downsides are having to hand-wash it, which is awkward because of its size, and finding a lid that fits. I ended up rigging a drawer pull onto a pizza pan to have a useable lid that didn’t cost as much as the pan itself.

I have several anolon non-stick pieces and they are very nice. They have some mass to them for even heat distribution, non-stick surface works very well, handles are covered with silicone for insulation and very comfortable.

I’ve had the 3.5-qt saucepan for 3-4 years and it is holding up beautifully. The other pans I have are more recently aquired, but appear of the same high quality.

As with all non-stick, hand washing is preferable (dish washer detergent will take off the surface over time), but it’s non-stick, so hand washing is not difficult. You will sometimes have to do a little work around where the handle is riveted to the pot, but it is a small price to pay.

Sorry about that. Sometimes we end up using stock images due to a time crunch. Then sometimes, we hope to sell the item but the inventory didn’t arrive in time for the sale.


i have a cookie sheet from them and hate it. I cooked veggies on it once and it’s ruined. I’d rather have a noncoated one

Ahhh. That explains the 45 second products. Thanks for the info!

That’s pretty smart!!! Some people can really think a situation through and come up with a good (and cheap!!) solution.