Anolon Cutlery 5pc Block Set Black

A very nice kitchen knife set… but Woot isn’t saying if it is “New” or “Open Box”… however, here it is again, the same Anolon Cutlery 5 pc Block Set Black over on the “Mother Ship” site, a.k.a. Amazon, for about $20 more.

Two (2) reviews… 5.0 out of “5” Amazon stars!!!

Hey there, thanks for pointing out the missing information. I’m going to reach out to the Home vendor managers and find out if this set is new-new or not.

Thanks for your reply and finding out whether this item is “new-new” or not. In the past, I purchased some enameled cast iron cookware from Woot and this wasn’t specified. I presumed it to be “new-new”, but obviously the items were previous customer or store returns. The cookware was damaged and inadequately packaged for shipping. It wasn’t in the manufacturer’s original box either.

** GREAT NEWS!! These are New-New!! Super new! As new as they get!**

Our vendor team will come through and update the sale to say that- but I wanted you to know right now!

Great news, indeed!!! Hey, we both deserve a “Quality Post” for this endeavor to find the truth!!!