Anolon Ultra Clad 10-Piece Cookware Set

**Item: **Anolon Ultra Clad 10-Piece Cookware Set
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I’ve had this set for about 2 years. Really really good pans and a great starter if you’ve never used stainless steel pans before.

For anyone not familiar with gourmet cooking & cookware, tri-ply clad is the ultimate in cookware. I bought a set a few years back recommended as a “best buy” by Cook’s Illustrated magazine and can attest to the difference tri-ply clad (aluminum layer sandwiched between stainless steel layers) makes to the cooking process. Oft times you will see ads for pans with ‘encapsulated’ discs of the tri-clad layering on the bottom of a pan but, believe me, pans that offer this layering throughout, both bottom and sides, are superior. You will have to get used to cooking with lower heat settings while reducing cooking times due to the superior heat distribution added by the layering going up the sides. Both benefits improve results while saving energy.

I have many Analon products and really enjoy them. They have a nice weight to them and cook very evenly.

Here is some info about the warranty

Any comparisons to the Cuisinart and Kirkland Signature sets sold at Costco, as well as the Tramontina set at Walmart?

The Kirkland is only clad on the bottom.

I’ve been thinking of switching everything over to enameled cast iron due to the superior heat dissipation, browning, and easy clean-up. But damn those cast iron are heavy! Wondering how the stainless steel in this collection cleans? Oftentimes it’s a real pain.

Anyone know if these work on induction stove tops?

From the product description…
•Stovetop Suitable: Induction, Gas, Solid Plate, Radiant Ring, Glass/Ceramic and Halogen

Once you get the hang of cooking with clad SS cookware and learn to control your heat, cleanup is easy. Except for eggs, where I use a dedicated non-stick pan, I cook everything in my stainless cookware, including rice and even oatmeal. Warm soapy water does the job. (I hand wash cookware just to save the real estate in my dishwasher) For those rare times when I do have a sticky, crusty mess, I simply fill the pan with hot water with some good d/w detergent and let it soak for an hour or so. That loosens it up enough to wash normally.

Stainless steel will sometimes discolor from cooking. Harmless, but a quick cleaning using Bar Keeper’s Friend will remove that easily.

There are a few things I like to cook in my enameled cast iron pieces. I think the stainless is easier to clean. Just my opinion…

I built my cookware collection with All Clad and Tramontina tri-ply pieces I purchased one at a time from T J Maxx. To be honest, I cannot tell the difference between the two, both in appearance and performance. Tramontina makes excellent cookware that is highly rated in the cooking circles I’m familiar with. I’m not personally familiar with the lines sold at WalMart, but I wouldn’t hesitate to to buy a set of Tramontina there, if it was tri-ply, clad cookware.

All Clad is the ultimate in cookware. Seriously. I know quite a few professional chefs and its what they use. It can’t be beat.

If you are not using the All-Clad brand, Anolon is the way to go. Much better than the Calaphalon pans i replaced. I have had these pans for quite some time and I love them. If you half way care for them, they will last years and years. And it’s easy care. Cheap brands like Cuisinart can’t hold a candle.

Do note, Analon is selling this set for $350 on their website, so it is not as big of a deal as Woot wants you to believe. Analon also has a try clad 12 piece et for $399. Just an FYI

Let it soak in water with a sheet of BOUNCE. !

Can anyone tell me if the lids from the pots fit the fry pans?

The $130 set of K-A I just got from woot are an epic fail in that regard. Should have asked then…

Let it soak in water with a sheet of BOUNCE. !

A sheet of Bounce? That doesn’t seem cost effective vs. a few drops of dishwashing soap. Also I would be afraid it would taint my food with fabric softening chemicals (not that soap is not a chemical, but Bounce is a whole different animal)

Does anyone know what grade of SS these are? 18/10? 18/0? Tried to check the manufacturer’s website but says it is down for maintenance…

Fabric softener, hair conditioner, Axe body wash - all it is is a surfactant. There’s likely no benefit of one over the other - except cost.

“Use a sheet of Bounce!” said the guy from Procter & Gamble…