Anolon Ultra Clad 12" Open Skillet

Wasn’t this on last night?

Last night’s skillet was 10", but it moved just about as fast…

Holy smokes, that is an expensive scrambled egg pan

$74.00 for a damn pan?! HA! They must’a bumped their heads

You can’t tell from the picture, but the handle extends outward to cradle your nether region while you prepare your breakfast.

At least, that’s what I’m assuming it does for $73.99!

This better be made in the US for this price. By hand. Using old world methods. By skilled, 5th generation artists/pan makers.

The good news, though, is if the first wooter is the last wooter, and there is only 80% left, that means we only have four more to go … right?

Goes nicely with the $900 espresso machine.

Does Ultra Clad mean plated with crushed diamonds or something? Because I would never pay that much for a frying pan. Give me good ol’ teflon or cast iron for my bacon-n-eggs.

Where are the rich people when you need 'em? Oh yeah, they’re working!

It must must come with $50 worth of food!

Joke all you want about the price, but like any other tool, good quality pots and pans are worth the money in the long run.

I used to buy cheap pans but the coatings would always start to flake off or they would develop hot spots.

Then I bought an All-Clad pan (which actually cost more than this one) and have been using it nearly every day for about 12 years and it shows no sign of wear.

(Of course I make no claim about this specific pan or manufacturer. I’ve never used any of their products.)

Is that a non-stick All-Clad pan or one with a stainless bottom?

Non-stick. I actually have 3 of them (I think 7, 10 and 12 inch) and they are awesome.