Another Dimension

This is a pretty one. And I do like seeing $10 in the price slot.

M.C. thinks this shirt is fishy.

Well, it’s not a woot off but wasn’t this an honorable mention from the Oddball derby?

I’m pondering what this means, what life means, what shirt.woot means?

Maybe its the one that got away.

Each of my family members already has this one. Is there a special reason for the reprint?

$10! I like that!

Beautiful design, first time on Woot. It deserved a proper printing here, I believe it was only available for 24 hours on a small site a few years ago even though it originated in the derby. :slight_smile:

Thanks Woot for giving a permanent home to the non-conformist fish.
As Diana said, the design first appeared in the Oddball derby. Spiritgreen rightly noted it had limited run elsewhere, finally returning to initiate the future fishirt.woot.

So that you may buy some for your future family members.


yep… I was the one that set that “small shop” contract up, if I’m correct. Happy to see it here.

I’m a sucker for anything M.C. Escher inspired. Well done.

I had sworn off getting more t-shirts for a while but can’t resist this design. Glad they brought it into print. In for one.

And you should see that price until a certain holiday that’s several days before the end of the year. It’s like a gift - just without the paper, or a tag, or a card.

Just received a sweatshirt I ordered a couple of weeks ago. It came with a little package included that had a gift tag, inside were 3 round rubber doodads. One had a delete key imprint, one ctl-z, one a woot symbol. What the heck are these??

Just might be the nicest tshirt design this year. Definitely in for one.

A design has to be really good for me to buy a shirt here these days. I’m buying one.

(… and that way my Tilteed shirt will be preserved.)

Stocking Stinkers. You got erasers.

This is a beautiful, artsy tshirt. Love it. It’s totally me…the oddball…the non-conformist. I’m so lonely.

Appreciate the compliments on the design and the support of those who’ve picked one up, even Narfcake, who is obviously weighing up whether he has room for one more shirt.

First Day Sales: 434

10 dollar shirt price.