Another leakfrog success story

I just wanted to share a story of vindication about my woot addiction. They all thought I was crazy when I unveiled my beautiful leakfrog. Here’s the backstory:

I recently moved into a new house and the previous owners had (unbenknownst to me) jerry rigged a pipe in the wall. It was a drain that connected to a sink that they had to remove to sell the house (otherwise we couldn’t get a C of O). They stuffed a child’s T-shirt into the pipe to keep the water back. Unfortunately for us, a washing machine was also connected to the same pipe. Inevitably, the t-shirt gave way and began filling my basement with dihydrogen monoxide.

The other unfortunate thing is that we weren’t completely moved in yet so we had boxes of stuff stored down there. Pretty much everything I own.

My wife and I were at my Grandmother’s funeral at the time.

Lucky for us though, my mother-in-law was there puppy-sitting when she heard the majestic call of the leakfrog. Bewildered, she made her way to the basement, found the situation, stopped the washing machine, and put a bucket under the pipe. She single handedly assisted the leak frog in saving the day!

Damage was negligible and most of the water flowed to the center of the room because there USED to be a drain in the floor but they had tiled over it. So it’s a natural depression in the floor.

Thank you leakfrog, and thank you woot!

Thanks for the story. You were lucky.

Great story. And congratulations, your previous owners officially qualify as being dumber about home “improvement” stuff than ours were. Dayamn, that’s some dumb.

Wow, I think I would call up the old owners and give them an earfull, what a bunch or idiots. I would also consider doing something about whoever you had inspect the house B4 you bought it.

this gives me hope. I have yet to unpack my leakfrog, but a new house is less than a week away.

Only one? I have three in the basement: water heater, stationary tubs/washing machine and oil tank, plus one under every sink in the house, especially by the dishwasher.

And if there is ever a flood where you live, the whole world will hear it.

heh heh

You laugh, but if your dishwasher hose breaks, you’re in deep doo-doo.

nononono! You’re in hot water! :happy:

did you get the house inspected before you bought it? that sounds like something they should’ve caught…

[mutter]stuffed a child’s t-shirt into the pipe indeed[/mutter]

Yes, thank you for the story. I gave leak frogs as “side” Christmas presents last year. We, too, poof, have a leak frog at critical spots. We have no basement, so we save frogs there. :slight_smile:

Hi, Tenn, what’s going on?

Nothing much… got your email today. Those children ones are always funny. Thought the biker baby was wild; they did a good job on his tattoo. :slight_smile:

Guess she is gone

Guess not!

Wild time at the shirt.woot site. I wonder what they will do with a tie?