Another Open Letter to Woot(ers)

Hi, My name is Wooter825352529 and I have a tshirt problem. It started out as a cute Zoinks remix and has snowballed into this last purchase of 4 shirts and the Zoinks mink fleece. Today, I “made up” reasons to buy tshirts - 5 of “today’s special” for matching on Christmas morning and 2 matching sets of ugly sweater tshirts for when my friend and I wrap presents together - gotta have options: we can match, we can wear the opposite both times!

Anyway, I hope everyone takes this with a tongue and cheek perspective.

I am truly grateful that this year I am in the position to buy tshirts for everyone, bc not that long ago, I only owned a couple of tshirts and 2 of my pups (cue Chariot’s of Fire theme song).

Thank you all for being along for the ride.

May you all have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

Spread Kindness,
This Wooter and her Merry Band of Pups


You have an addiction for which there is no known cure. @Narfcake was going to write a manual about this but he was distracted by a ball of yarn and forgot.

I’m so glad you are in a better position now than you were and that you’re having fun this holiday season. Maybe you can post some photos?

Thanks for posting this. It made me smile. :smiley:


Thanks @peaceetc (nice avatar), I really do appreciate the kind words. :blush:

Saying thank you and I appreciate you does not cost anything other than our time and you never know who really needed to hear those words that day.


Made up??
Sounds like perfectly reasonable reasons to me - and what a cute idea for xmas morning matching!!
Did you buy them in kids sizes for the pups too??? (yes, I’m a tee-shirt enabler, LOL).


Always! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!


Don’t get me started - I already have matching pjs for me and them - did that a while ago, cause let me tell you it is not easy to find a lot when they go on sale

Although, I do think @ThunderThighs should pitch dog and cat matching bandanas to some of the tshirt designs (maybe for a fundraiser for a shelter or something) maybe a bandana bandana for the ASPCA or whoever (just throwing out ideas) - I would easily buy a dozen (if Woot would let me)


I may have gotten 4 fleece blankets put of my made up reasoning, but tis the season