Another Sleepless Day

I guess those birds aren’t singing a lullaby.

Poor Mr. Owl. I have those neighbors too. Only mine sing “In the Air Tonight” at the top of their lungs

Wooooo, first place!!! Awesome! I thought this one had a good chance Jasneko! LOL I love the owl’s face! So many tweets.

“First the kids asking me about Tootsie Pops, and now this!”

Nice! Congrats Jasneko! You’re like a veteran around her now! :slight_smile:

I feel for the Owl. He is experincing something I call “Weekdays”

If I wear this shirt do you think my neighbors will get the hint?

It makes you wonder what an owl’s lullaby would sound like.

This is more awesome than Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job!!!

To celebrate, I will play a game of Angry Birds, and drink some coffee. Sleep is, afterall, for the weak =_=/.

HUGE congrats to Jasneko! YEEEE!!!

This is how I feel on Saturday nights.
Come on, loud suitemates! I have to get up early in the morning! D;

Very glad this printed! Congratulations!

Pleasant surprise!

Congrats!!! In for one!

Dear Woot, thanks for using the word “crepuscular!” it is one of my favorite words! I am not 100% sure it applies to this situation, but I love it anyway!

Wow, congrats Jas! I LOVE the owl’s face. Too cute.

They’re singing Justin Bieber. NO one can fall asleep to that.

The artist description would be far more appropriate if it were actually Tuesday.

Woohoo! Go Jasneko! Your print just made my night.

This shirt speaks my language. Silly early birds, day time is for sleeping.

I can. Course I need a couple of XL shots of Maker’s Mark first, but I can probably sleep to the Biebs.

Congrats! Definitely adding this one to my collection!

Poor friend owl can’t get any sleep with all those twitterpated birds!