Anti-Fatigue Mat Grip Roll - Pick Color

New intern doing the photoshopping this year?

Not that I could do any better.

I’m really sorry to have to say this. but after a number of issues of receiving items that were not as advertised in the pass I feel I need to warn my fellow earthling. I ordered these mats maybe 6 months ago they were advertised as being 1/2 thick not true there not even 1/4 thick. After a Number of emails back and forth Woot decided to give me a credit on the price I paid. I never asked for a credit I asked for an exchange. Ship me the one’s advertised and I would return the ones I got.I think my email’s went somewhere in outer space. Had the same problem with garden hose. I ordered 2- 75foot hoses I was shipped 2 50ft hoses. that issue was never resolved. After a number of emails requesting and exchange and receiving email s back that made no sense at all I just gave up…So fellow earthling beware it’s not a deal or a bargain if you don’t get what was advertised and you have to spend time sending emails to the moon. Happy New Year to all and I am sorry about babbling on about this.

I’m back… to add insult to injury… I thought to give Woot another try… so I added 3 different items to my cart… then came to these mats…told you guys my story… went back to shopping Woooot… and my cart was empty or maybe emptied…I’m not sure which but I sure about this…I’m done

Hmmm. That’s an odd situation. I haven’t heard of that happening to anyone else before. I’m going to report the issue to the dev team. What internet browser are you using? And what items were in your cart?

I can attest to the fact that these are only 1/4 inch thick (at best). I purchased one of these a few months ago.
It’s still a nice mat, but not as thick as advertised.