Anti-Slip Grip Tape (Double Pack)

Anti-Slip Grip Tape (Double Pack)

Despite the cool glow-in-the-dark effect, do not apply this to your condom in an attempt to thrill your sexual partners.


WootBot any idea how long the glow lasts. Also is there any larger sizes availible from woot. I 'm looking at putting these in our basement step which are mostly out of the weather but don’t get much light to speak of.

We use this as anti-slip in our bathtub. It holds better than the anti-slip stuff we had that was designed for the shower, and it exfoliates your feet. When taking a bath, it exfoliates everything else.


I wouldn’tbthink this would hold that well in an always wet area. Mine are going on some cement basement steps where they a less likely to massage and more protect.