Antler Rustic Table Lamp with USB Port

Antler Rustic Table Lamp with USB Port

This is the ugliest lamp I have ever seen.


But it has a USB port!

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And a flaccid antler thing by the base!

uglier than this?


Hmmmm, yes. At least this thing is interesting.

WTAF. Who asked for something like this?

Lamp of crap.

goodness… alright then.

oh c’mon! #WootAfterDark

lots of good reviews

Looks like they’re selling at least a dozen based on percents seen. That’s at least twelve too many!

edit: At least double that! :frowning:

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Shall we use this sale for a nap break

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I like it.

close your eyes, let go of everything you were supposed to accomplish today.

I haven’t been around the forums during a woot-off in a long long time, is the phrase ‘Woot Killer’ still a thing?

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Yep. I’ve seen it at least once today.

Welcome back.


Things time out now do not really.

Not that’s a lamp

Makes me think of this guy.