ANTOP AT-400 TV Antenna - White

This will not give you any better reception than a $10 version from Amazon, Walmart or any other seller. WHERE you mount the antenna is the most important factor that determines effectiveness. If you line in an area that receives strong tv signals from nearby broadcast towers then just about any antenna will work ( as long as you don’t put it inside a safe in the basement!).

check your signal first

can this be painted so it matches the house

would this have thE same results as the giant chimney digital antenna I have?

Too many variables. We would have to know the type of antenna you have and the channels you are trying to get. If they are mismatched, then yeah you might get the same results.

If the channels and the giant antenna are the same band, then the AT-400 will not get the same results.

The specs on the AT-400 claim 14 dB. But they don’t specify at which frequencies. Given the size of this antenna, it most likely does not have 14 dB of gain at VHF frequencies.

Some paints asborb RF due to metallic components. If the paint does not have metallic components, then yes you can paint it.

Some thoughts.

First, while they say it is a “digital” antenna, HDTV antenna etc, it is an antenna. Your old “analog” antenna will work just as good as a new “digital or HDTV” antenna. That is assuming the antenna and the channels are on the same band. In reality, all antennas are "analog.

HDTV and DTV are affected by multi-path signals more than analog signals. But the AT-400 is multi-directional, so it will not help if you have multi-path issues.

The spec state 14 dB of gain. They also state that it works on 87.5-230MHz and 470-700MHz. Given its size, it is definitely not 14 dB of gain across 87.5-230MHz and 470-700MHz.

It comes with “high performance coaxial cable”. It is RG59. RG59 is not high performance. RG6 would be a better choice.

If you already have an external antenna in good condition and on the right bands, this most likely will not be an improvement.

Dimensions 10.8 x 36.50 x 22.44 in

Are those dimensions right - it’s 11 inches thick?

Must be the box. Here’s the dims off the Antop site:

Size: 10.24 X 4.72 X 23.46 inch