ANVL Boards 10 Skatecycle

Solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) over at amazon

If I didn’t know, with 100% certainty, that I would bust my ass on this, I would buy two!

Comments from a previous sale

I’ve been on Rollerblades twice. Both times I hurt my back trying to not fall. I tried a skateboard once (after that), but I never let go of my surroundings. This looks super-neat, but I’d either bust my ass or take five minutes to cross the street.

Bought one for my son’s last birthday - 12 yrs. Both him and a friend that ride skateboards/ripsticks very well could not get a good ride on the skatecycle. Watched videos, multiple attempts, now sitting in the garage collecting dust. Not sure if it was defective, but just didn’t look like they could get enough momentum. Too bad, it looked cool.

That video TERRIFIED me. I would have hit all those people (if I was still upright by then.) I think a scooter is more my speed.

Looks so cool, but I think I could find cheaper ways of killing myself. Maybe the recommended age should be changed to:Recommended age 14yrs. only. Because only a 14 year old would get on this thing.

Am I the only one that saw the smaller illustrations and thought Woot was selling handcuffs in the “Sport” section??

I will not comment further.


One review on Amazon claims it can support 210 lbs, but I haven’t found an official weight limit stated. Any chance the packaging mentions one? Typically I see products like this limited to 200 lbs capacity, so warranty wouldn’t cover heavier loads.

Speaking of warranty, looking around, found offer of partial refund only if it has had any use.

You beat me to it. My thought exactly.

Yes. We came over to see what it really was. Looks dangerous but kids can handle anything. Wear protective gear if you’re smart. I got hit on my Harley, was wearing my helmet and leathers. Broken bones in 6 spots of my left side but I would have been dead without my gear.

I wanted one to lose weight, it looks incredibly fun. Too bad I’d have to lose 40 lbs to ride one, meh.

Vendor says it has a 220lb limit. Hope that helps!

Hey, I’ll buy it off you!

Any information out there on availability of replacement wheels, cost, and how quickly they wear? Replacing the wheels might be a bit costly and not that easy, too. I would expect the wheels to wear quickly if used on rough surfaces such as streets and sidewalks.

The vendor gives replacement parts for free!

I’d hurt my back removing it from the box! May be a nice item to store in a corner for people to see… “I used to use it all the time until I hurt my back”