any iPhone totin' wooters out there?

curious if any wooters jumped on the iPhone bandwagon or plan to.

I don’t know, never like to jump on the popular list, but friend has it seems pretty nice. Usually stear away from first gen. products though.

No thank you! Not unless they drop the price to $9! I have gadgets on my phone now I never use. I can’t see blowing that much money just to have the latest thing!

Several reviews I read said it’s a great gizmo but a lousy phone.

No, wireless internet costs to much. Also, I rarely leave my house.

Agoraphobia, huh?

Isn’t there some special plan for the wireless on those phones? I have no idea. I sat out with a group of people waiting in line for them and they talked like there was a plan specifically for the iphone. I however, refuse to buy one. Especially when 1st gen is usually horrible anyways.

Rubbish I say. If I wan’t my phone to do what a computer does I will just go use the computer. I don’t want some idiots e-mails right in the palm of my hand either.
//crotchety wookie rant off (note I don’t like MAC products all that much anyway)

snapster - are you going to make woot iphone compatible?


I thought the point of iPhone was that it could surf normal web pages?

we’re fairly bug free in safari… in iPhone’s mini-safari, I note the side deals covers our logo but otherwise we appear to be fine.

if apple opens up to widget developers, it’d be great to have a stand-alone app.

there’s much they need to open up before this device really converges well. there appear to still be too many compromises from working with a major cell carrier.

But, will it blend?

Take a look at this list of bugs on the iphone, 68 i believe…

Pure genius.

Haha, that blended rather easily.

I tried to win one… does that count?

Oh, and Hubby says a new, smaller and smaller in price one, is coming out later.

There was a guy in the doctor waiting room who had one the second day they were out. He was talking to someone else in the waiting room. He loved it . Loaded movies on it for his kids to watch while at the pool. Which made me wonder, isn’t being at the pool entrainment enough?
Then he said something scary. He hadn’t learned how to text while he was driving yet. He figured he would have that skill in a few more days.
btw, this was a plastic surgeon office…son had a cyst removed from his face.
It just somehow fit.
The women he was talking to was there with her daughter, who had just gotten her HS graduation present, a nose job.
Long Island at its best!
Why do I live here?

That is sad.

Court Ordered ankle bracelet, huh?