Any plans for the weekend?


Nothing crazy. Just some Eagle Rare. Distributors in my area are fairly weak. Found some not to far from the house across the state line. It’s only about 2 hours round trip.

It’s my favorite and hadn’t been able to find any in about three months.

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I’ve been drinking that for, probably, 13 years now and it’s always hardish to find. I think it’s a ploy from the distiller Buffalo Trace.

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Just working all weekend. Essential but expendable. That’s my life.

Trying to get my son to stop binge-watching all the Transformers episodes from the’90s long enough so we can get the house straightened up for the for the beautiful GF @Wooter923009797 and her daughter to come and hang out while we try to finish the Lego Razor Crest set and finish the last episodes of the Mandalorian.

Oh and I’m cooking up a batch of baby back ribs.

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Clint Eastwood?
Clint Howard?
Who else?

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Write up COVID-19 vaccination protocols and prioritization for first line responders at work. Do employee exposure review and test based clearances. Work is virtually endless even virtually. Also On Call 365/24/7. No extra pay for any of it. This is how some people live their lives out of sight.

Woot is an outlet in all meanings of the word.


How did you know I have absolutely no idea!

ooofh, they are probably hoping the same thing.

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It stopped around 2am


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Take a bowling ball, stand on bed, drop ball on floor. Repeat as needed.
Your mantra " I don’t know what you are talking about, I was in bed."

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Nuff said