Any Site Page or Feed That Shows All Products as Posted?


I keep missing the Canon 50mm lens - twice now. I can’t use the Woot App because my PDA (yes, I have a PDa and not a cell phone… wanna make something of it!?) cannot run g@@gle Play (not that I’d want to anyway) so …

My question is this… is there any web page or RSS-type feed where Woot products are announced as they are posted so that I might have a chance at this lens if it’s ever listed again?


Does Woot Stalker do anything like that?


I know they have a list of what was added, but I’m not sure how often that is updated. I guess I could try that (write a script to scrape the page once an hour or so) and see what happens…

-=[ EDIT ]=-

I take that back. That list appears to only show the categories posted and then you have to dive deeper into each link to see the individual products posted in each category…