any web site promotion help?


Hey guys, I’m a regular at and I was wondering if any of you guys are into web designing or more importantly, web site promotion?

We (group of 3 college grads) have started a biz called houston web site design at and we have a lot of knowledge in programming, etc. but we lack knowledge in promotion and such

we’ve submitted URL to google, yahoo, etc but that doesn’t seem to work … and we’ve found a lot of paid advertising etc. but were wondering if there’s any free way to promote? any help will be much appreciated … thanks


You could try site pimping on a single item shopping site forum…


I was thinking maybe a sandwich board sign.

You know, put on it…

Shop at Jizers, I know web site stuff.


My advice? Scrap the idea. Good luck making a living off of web design…

(PS I’ll let you in on another secret. Become the Web admin/designer for a large company. You don’t have to worry about getting clients - you’ve just got one that’ll support you until you get fired for your incompetence.)

((PPS How are you a regular with only one post?))


That was my first thought!


Many longtime wooters have a laundry list of purchases, read the forums, file reports and send private messages and participate in the community, without having a high post count. Many “reports” are by people w/ zero posts.