Any wooters here up all night gaming?

Well thats what I like to do.

Anyone up all night playing BF2, DOD:S, CS:S, TF2, things like that? If so we should get a bunch of people together for some woot gamage. Who knows where it could lead. Just curious though.

Try the IRC channel.

I was up all night working on homework (and also I couldn’t sleep) and playing solitaire and neopets. No computer gaming for me until school is done. :frowning:

I put up a similar post looking for xbox gamers on woot a few months ago, but didn’t get too many takers. I’m kinda surprised more PC gamers haven’t replied, tho. Gaming rules :smiley:

your still in school? What grade?

Do you see the MOM in her name?
People go back to school.
Sorry Kilagria, you are still the youngest one here!

He’s younger than a lot of us were at his age.