Anybody else have the main woot page text in grey (unreadable) letters?


The main woot page text is in a light shade of grey, and barely readable in both Microsoft Explorer and also in Opera… anybody else have this HTML coding problem?

If not, any ideas what could be wrong with my system???

No other webpages anywhere I surf have this problem…



The main page looks normal to me, sorry. I have no idea what may be the cause of your page probs.


I don’t have trouble with it in IE or Firefox. Sounds like your video card or monitor need to be tweaked or replaced to me.


Maybe you need a color monitor. That monochrome monitor may not be cutting it anymore. You do know the internet is in color now, right?

On a serious side, I’ve had some problems occassionally when re-loading Woot pages. Sometimes, I’ll have the no color problem, and then sometimes I’ll have just a text (no html) version of the woot homepage. I always chalked it up to high traffic volume on the Woot servers, and information getting garbled in the sending.


I get this problem from time to time with Woot and only Woot I use both IE and Firefox and get the same thing. Dont ask me why though


I get the text-only version, occasionally, but it 's fine if I clear my cache. Not aware of the problem of which the o.p. speaks, but will mention it to the codeslaves.