Anyone else watching the Cricket World Cup?

India vs Aus is this Sunday. All of me wants Aus to lose. But bossman @wajeremy is Aussie. Please give me advice on how to gloat respectfully.


There will be no gloating from your side #fouroutoflastfive

You guys need to stop tampering the stitching on the ball.

Oh, this is REALLY easy to answer.

I just don’t want it being done to @wajeremy

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Are you an employee of woot?

No he just knows I’m a lover of penguins.

What the hell do puffins have to do with world cup cricket?


And anyways, I’m thinking of ticks, not puffins.


cluck cluck

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We have a Mexican restaurant near my place that serves crickets. I tried it out. its not bad.

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India made 352/5 in 50 overs. Aus is now at 107/1 at 21 overs. @wajeremy, can’t handle the Yorkers eh?

Hey @wajeremy, maybe you should list the Aus wicket bails on clearance next week huh?

That was some embarrassing bowling by the Aussies.