Anyone ever had to return an item???

So i just recieved the rockford fosgate in dash DVD player and everything looks great. Well worth the two hundred bones. Now after further inspection i noticed the LCD has a small fissure. Almost a hairlike crack. Im going to email them right now but just wondering if any of you guys have had problems returning stuff. thanks to the peeps with reply.

try emailing

Yes I just got a Tee shirt and the medium is so small it could possibly fit a 5 year old child.
How do you contact Woot?

Womens tee, I’m guessing?

There’s no returning when you got the size you ordered. If you ordered a medium and it says it’s a medium, then bad on you for not reading the sizing information listed on all the order pages. The womens cut tees are small, closer to junior sizing than ‘womens’. This is well documented, and applies to all AA womens cut tees.

If it’s marked as something other than a medium, contact with your order number and they will make it right.

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Whatever is in your morning beverage of choice this morning, I approve.

For future reference, the women’s XL is smaller than the mens M.