Anyone have experience with e-book subscription services?

We bought a tablet for our daughter - who is a voracious reader. Like - read the whole Divergent series in a week, and Hunger Games in 4 days.

As it is we go broke buying books for her - and the wait at the library is too long, so we are looking into the subscription services for e-books.

At the time there is Amazon unlimited, Scribd, and Oyster (Which is “Sunsetting” in January - Just say we got muscled out by a corporate giant, will you?)

Anyone have any experience - They offer a month trial, so she’ll probably do that, just wondering what opinions are…

We do Amazon, but my kids prefer paper to their kindles. We also do a lot of ebooks at the library. Which are just like regular books except you don’t have to go to the building to check them out, you get an email when it’s your turn - and can have a very active queue.

I have friends that are on subscriptions from indie publishers, but you really have to be a genre reader to enjoy those. They can be great. (They are all adults though).

Other things that have really helped are joining some bargain and free kindle mailing lists. You have to check daily, but you can snag good books that are free as a promotion (usually 1st in a series). I found my favorite series that way.

You can also try and…my daughter was and still is a fervent reader. Back in the day before Kindles we bought her books and I know I spent hundreds of dollars but it is so worth it. There are free books on those sites as well.